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Free Custom Engraving FAQ and Information
Free Custom Engraving FAQ and Information
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What should I put on my tag?

Your dog's name. Putting only your pet's name and not your last name makes the lettering large and the most readable.

Some people put a street address on one line. Others add a city and state on the next line. Some put only a city and state. No need for a zip code. If you travel with your dogs or have two residences you might use two lines with city and state.

Some people will include their name on a line. This information is helpful if your pet gets lost in your neighborhood.

Consider using 2 phone numbers (cell and home). You may be out searching for your dog when the phone rings!

What if I move and my address and phone number changes?

Should you need to change the contact information on your pet's tag, mail the tag to us, and we will refinish your tag and engrave it with your new information for a minimal charge. No need to buy a new tag!

What if my pet is microchipped, never goes outside, or has a city license?

You want whoever finds your pet to return them quickly, easily, and at the least expense to them. Contacting you first, especially if there is an injury, saves time and effort. Vets are the only place a microchip can be scanned. City offices must be open to obtain license information. Your pet never goes outside until someone leaves the door open...

Deep engraving is an absolute necessity in order for a stainless steel Pet/Dog ID Tag to do its job. Your pet's information must hold up as well as your stainless steel pet id tag. We custom engrave each stainless steel tag twice, using a computerized rotary, carbide tipped engraver. This process actually removes metal as opposed to only displacing it. Our engraving is guaranteed for life.

A note about the photo of engraving. All lines are centered. I removed the state abbreviation and the phone number area code and last 4 digits for privacy purposes.