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Bug and Insect Jewelry

Bugs and Insect Jewelry

Amazingly detailed bugs and insects! Creepy, crawly bugs! Moths, Cicadas, Hornets, Dragonfly, Beetles, Praying Mantis, Fly, Bee, Grasshopper, Scarab. Hand painted Sterling Silver jewelry earrings, pins, necklace.
Dragonfly Ring
Cicada Cricket Pin with Hematite
Grasshopper Pin
Sterling Silver Beetle Necklace
Praying Mantis Pin
Spiderweb Cuff Bracelet with Fly
Bee Earrings
Bumblebee Tie Tack
Horde of Hornets Pin
Hornet Pin
Sterling Silver Grasshopper Ring
Bee Pendant

Moth | Dragonfly | Hornet

Praying Mantis | Fly | Grasshopper

Cricket | Bumblebee | Beetle | Cicada