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Jamies Animal Jewelry: Call toll free 888-309-5818

Jamies Animal Jewelry

If you are an Animal Lover looking for
Animal and Pet Jewelry that magically captures the essence
of each animal you have come to the right place.
Choose from Wolves, Dogs, Cats, Paw Prints, Pet Memorial,
Birds, Bunnies, Big Cats, Wildlife, Snakes, Spiders,
 Sealife, Bugs, Bats and more.
In your choice of necklaces and pendant, bracelets or pins,
rings or earrings

Stainless Steel Pet/Dog ID Tags (jewelry FOR your pet)

If you are looking for a special way to remember your loved one
I have a selection of Paw Print Jewelry for Pet Memorials.
Wolves, running and howling,
Dolphins swimming through the water and leaping into the air,
Birds and Eagles, Black Widow Spiders,
Fantasy horses as Pegasus and Unicorns .
Lions, Tigers and Bears, oh my!
Wildlife and Sealife.
And what other Sealife is there?

Take you time and send your animal loving friends.

Questions?Toll free 888-309-5818.

Come back often as I am always adding new work!
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Contemporary Cuff Bracelets

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Jamie's Horse Jewelry

Animal Jewelry| Dog | Wolf | Eagle | Koi | Cat| Spider
Dolphin | Fish | Whale | Humpback | Orca | Manatee
Bird | Snake | Elephant | Pegasus | Unicorn | Turtle
Bulldog | Boxer | Collie | Dachshund | Scottie Dog
Animal Rings | Armadillo | Big Horn Sheep | Ram | Bulldog
Dolphin | Eagle | Frog | Koi | Snake
Spider | Wolf | Unicorn

Consider Supporting
Animal Kind International
The organization helps animal welfare groups in
Uganda, Namibia, Botswana, Ghana, Southern Sudan,
Jamaica, Honduras, Armenia, and Bosnia.

Animal Jewelry for the Animal Lover